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Why Wood? A Deeper Look into the Personalized Wood Watch

In today's episode of "Why Wood?Part II", we explain just what it is that makes our personalized wood watch for men so appealing. Because, you know, sometimes the sheer beauty of it is not enough to convince some people.

Wood Watches aren't Heat Sensitive

Unlike your typical metallic watch, our personalized wood watch for men isn't affected by temperature changes. As well, bamboo is much lighter than any metals, making our personalized wood watch extremely comfortable. It's truly a natural beauty.

Most "wood watches," however, are made of synthetic materials. This means that the watch offered isn't made entirely of bamboo(or any other wood for that matter). Here at Omichronous, we assure that all of personalized wood watches for men are sourced sustainably from bamboo.

Truly Unique

personalized wood watch

No two of our personalized wood watches are identical. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the texture, density, and grain vary greatly from bamboo to bamboo, even in the same piece of wood! This ensures that your personalized wood watch is truly unique.

Besides, how many people do you see sporting their very own personalized wood watch?

Entirely Affordable

personalized wood watch

Now, no competitors shall be named and shamed, but wood watches can be so darn expensive! Truly, it's difficult to get a decent looking wood watch for less than 100 bucks. Now, if you even bother to mentioned personalization, the price starts to skyrocket.

Our very own personalized wood watch is just $89.99, and if you're lucky, you can snag one for as low as $65 during a sale. We carefully laser engrave photos, logos, symbols, or messages into your personalized wood watch.

With a deal like that, the question is, why wouldn't you buy a wood watch?



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