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Why Wood? A Deeper Look

A Deeper Look: The Personalized Wood Watch


I'm sure with many of us glued to our smartphones and easy access to the time at a glance, it can be difficult to justify the purchase of a personalized wood watch.  However, with these compelling reasons, you're going to have a hard time saying no to one. 

A Deeper Look : Personalized Wood Watch


Personalized Wood Watch

I mean, come on. The unique part speaks for itself. How many people do you see on a daily basis wearing a watch made of wood?Even if you did find another wood watch, they would be entirely different. No two watches made of wood can be identical, as the texture, color, and width vary from tree to tree, and even wood watches made from the same tree differ slightly. Especially in the case of a personalized wood watch, heads are bound to be a-turnin'. 


Oftentimes, when creating watches, they can be damaging to the environment. The acquisition of the raw materials necessary can destroy entire ecosystems. That's why here at Omichronous, we keep it simple and sustainable. Our personalized wood watch is made of 100% Turkish bamboo.

Our production of the personalized wood watch is entirely sustainable. As you may know, some varieties of bamboo grow as much as 35 inches per day! We're definitely not chopping down forests to make our wood watch.


Personalized Wood Watch

Many people, understandably, hate wearing watches for fear of breaking out in rashes. Many people do not learn of their metal allergies, causing them to associate this discomfort with watches. And that's where our personalized wood watch comes in.

 Our personalized wood watch is made entirely of bamboo and other wood materials. Never fear about those terrifying histamine induced reactions again when wearing your favorite jewelry.


According to some sources, as much as 85% of Americans like personalized gifts. Couple that with our line of personalized wood watches and you're set! Especially since you can engrave those perfect pictures, awesome messages, and even symbols onto the back of the watch.

Hopefully, you have been enlightened to the wonders that is a personalized wood watch. 


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