*NEW* Bamboo Watch With Mint Background – Omichronous Watches
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*NEW* Bamboo Watch With Mint Background

Stunning, exotic, dashing.

Yup. I'm describing a watch here. In fact, our newest addition to our expanding list of engraveables. Sure, when you hear those things, you're probably thinking of this:

I know. I'm finding it pretty hard to contain my envy too.

Anyway...back to the watches. It's probably the first time you've ever heard those words used to describe a watch, but just look at it! Pure bamboo through and through, unique design, and the perfect complement to every outfit. And with that last touch of customization, you're social ranking's going to go through the roof!

Yeah, that last one might be a tad exaggerated. But for only $150, it's a great start.

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